E-posters will be displayed on screens on the second floor of the Hilton Convention Center during ICSES 2019. They will also be available in the congress App during the meeting and accessible for 4 months after the meeting in ICSES 2019 webpage.

Guidelines for E-Poster Presenters

  1. Please complete the registration via ICSES 2019 website by AUGUST 15, 2019. Your abstract will be withdrawn from E-poster presentation if the registration has not been completed by the deadline. AT LEAST ONE OF THE AUTHORS MUST BE REGISTERED.
  2. E-posters will be displayed on screens during the meeting and at our website only for the purpose of ICSES 2019. E-posters do not require printing as the will be presented electronically. They will not be presented orally.
  3. Every E-poster slide must be written in English.
  4. E-poster files must be uploaded between JUNE 15 (Sat), 2019 and AUGUST 15 (Thu), 2019.
  5. The contents of your E-poster can be modified or replaced one time if you wish until AUGUST 15 (Thu), 2019. Please note that this possibility will be unavailable after the deadline.

Specific steps for up-loading file

  1. Prepare E-poster file in PowerPoint (PPT) in 16: 9 format, using this template: Download Template
  2. File Size: up to 50MB and a maximum of 4 slides. Please ensure that the file does not exceed the stated size limit. Any forms of animation or video should not be included on the slides.
  3. We suggest that you use the first slide for the title of the presentation, authors, objectives that reflect the purpose of the study, results, institution and country.
  4. If you are a Mac user and work your presentation in Keynote it will only be accepted if you used the PowerPoint support.
  5. Log in ICSES 2019 official web-site. Go to the "abstracts" section. By clicking on the button "Upload e-poster" you will be redirected to the upload platform.
  6. You will be asked to write your poster ID number. This is the one you received on the abstract acceptance notification e-mail.
  7. Upload the e-poster from your files.
  8. Press "Send e-Poster".
  9. You will receive an e-mail confirmation

E-Poster Q&A

There will be no additional presentation time or Q&A session. Any questions from the participants will be sent to the corresponding author's e-mail.


Funding of poster exhibits is limited to individuals, educational facilities and hospitals. Commercial funding is not allowed.

Elements of E-Poster

The following suggestions may be helpful in planning and preparing your E-poster.

Other Useful Tips

Avoid USING ENTIRELY CAPITAL LETTERS IN ALL INSTANCES, otherwise the text will be too difficult to read.

Color is very useful for creating interest and accentuating specific parts of any presentation. Use only a few common colors. Generally, it is best to use light lettering (e.g., white, yellow, golden yellow, ivory, light blue, cyan) on dark backgrounds (e.g., royal blue, navy blue, teal green, forest green or purple). Colors like red, magenta, and orange can work well, as accents, but they are too "hot" for use over large areas of a display. Fluorescent colors, while eye-catching, do not carry the professional image you want to project. Most importantly, make sure the color combinations you select are visually appealing.

Contact for Abstract Submission of ICSES 2019: eposters@lanzilotta.com.ar - secretariat@icses2019.org